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About Us

Cash Medical Clinics of Texas

A New Innovation In Delivery of Highest Quality of Medical Services At Substantially DISCOUNTED Fees.

Are you tired of paying for healthcare insurance and still having to pay full price at your doctor’s office? Do you have a high deductible insurance? Are you Self-Employed or cannot afford health insurance? Do you have a Healthcare Saving Plan?

Cash Medical Clinics of Texas is a new innovative solution to the rising costs of insurance and health care delivery to our communities. In our Medical Centers you and your loved ones can receive the highest quality of medical services at a fraction of the costs that are traditional associated with it.

Cash Medical Clinics of Texas are ideal for patients without health insurance, high deductible or co-pay insurances, with Health saving Accounts, out of network or with no private physician, and Medicare patients that have chosen an “opt-out” physician.

Pay as you go. When you visit one of Cash Medical Clinics of Texas there are no surprises or hidden costs. Our prices are posted at our front desk. You can consult with your dedicated medical provider and decide if you want to undergo a specific medical treatment or test. There are no co-pays or deductibles. No insurance authorization or forms are required.

Walk in on the same day that you need medical care and be seen by one of our compassionate, caring and experienced medical providers. You do not need an appointment. We are open 7 days/week. Every Cash Medical Clinics of Texas is equipped by on-site Radiology (X-Ray), Laboratory, Cardiac Monitoring and Pulmonary (Lung) testing devices.

Our services are provided within the Trinity Xpress Med facility but Cash Medical Clinics of Texas is an independant medical company.